The “no-brainer” way to run water stations

The Water Monster is the new mobile water distribution system
for outdoor events

Events are only as successful as their participants are happy – and hydrated. The Water Monster is the easy solution for providing water to crowds. The long lines at water stations, the pallets of water bottles or crates of water jugs are gone when The Water Monster is invited. Instead, your event participants have multiple water tanks to serve themselves from multiple spigots. More cool or iced water and less waiting in line is the key to happy and hydrated participants.

The Water Monster is perfect for
outdoor events such as:

  • Running Races
  • Bike Races
  • Marathons
  • Tri-athalons
  • Mud Runs
  • Corporate Events
  • School Festivals
  • Camps

Affordable and practical, The Water Monster offers simple, straight-forward pricing for events of all sizes. Whether you are coordinating a small event under 1500 participants, or a large multi-sport event, there is a Water Monster solution for you.

Price Guide Top

WaterMonster Aid Station
Includes one 125 gallon tank (w/8 spigots), stand, filtered water and 25 mile delivery.
$250 first tank per station
(additional tanks per station $125 each)
One WaterMonster Tank equals
125 gallons of water or 1000 sixteen ounce water bottles or
3000 five ounce paper cup servings (running race)
Party Package $475
Includes one 125 gallon tank (w/8 spigots), Monster Cooler, 200 lbs. of ice, stand, misting tent, cups (900), table, trash can, delivery, set-up and pick-up.

Additional add on items:


$10 rental fee, delivery charge may apply on large orders

WaterMonster 850 Quart Cooler
Holds 750 lbs of ice or 750 water bottles or 50 cases of beverage cans


Cups: Standard (9 oz.)

4¢ each
Compostable, 9oz cup Call for Pricing
Cup Corral $5 each
10 gallon water coolers $10 each
Food-grade hose to fill cups $3 each
Misting Tent (10' x 10' canopy)
Ice (40 lbs.)
$10 each
Additional delivery mileage
The first 25 miles are included your event. Each additional mile will be billed accordingly
$1 per mile


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